"April is the ultimate professional. She is warm and friendly and her work is truly art. She has the ability to make women feel and look glamorous. I can't wait until my next session!" - Brigette Young

"Still marveling at the great makeup." - Peggy Aldridge

"April worked her magic to completely transform me. I am in love with the result." - Dani Moore

"She loved it, all her friends complimented her makeup." - Claudia Gee, mother of high school graduation party client Christina Gee

"Could you kindly move to DC and make sure I look as fabulous every day as I did yesterday?" - ABC News and National Public Radio Correspondent Michel Martin

"I've worked with April extensively for my headshot work. She immediately puts the client at ease. Listens to their needs. And nails it every time. Headshots can be a stressful time for the client, and I'm very picky about who I work with to ensure the client gets what they need. I trust April implicitly to deliver the goods."- Photographer Matt Stasi

"I looked in the mirror and a real smile spread across my face. I felt and looked wonderful due to April's MAGIC touch." - Wilma Pinder

"You do more than just apply products or cover the skin. I do not "see" your makeup when I look at the raw files. It is flawless and well-blended!" - Photographer Olga Lacosta

"April is a pro and so wonderful to work with." - Gleana Albritton

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